Weathered Wood Asphalt Shingles

Ordinary asphalt shingles are subject to a lot of weather abuse. Their ordinary life span is only about 15 years. They have a tendency to pit, shred, and curl as they age. Ordinary asphalt shingles are inexpensive, but they are boring to look at.
weathered wood asphalt shingles are superior in durability and beauty. Most come with a lifetime limited warranty. They offer such built-in spectacular features as UV blocker, color lock and noncombustible fiber construction. They are also resistant to splits and cracks.
Weathered wood shingles give a roof a layered look that adds a richness and depth to any style of home. They have a unique reflective surface that bounces light off of them, giving them even more eye appeal. They are typically available in greys and browns, but you can also find them in dark green, blue, red or oyster hues.
Older and newer homes can benefit from the addition of a weathered wood roof, which can keep the home moisture-proof and protected for 30 years or more. There’s not too many things you can find that fit that description anymore.